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Learning about American Immigration Policy in a Hands-on Way!

Learning about American Immigration Policy in a Hands-on Way!

Jeremy Jiminez visited our school on Wednesday 13th January and gave a talk about American Immigration.  Jeremy is part of the Fulbright Roving Scholars Program, a program that was started in 1946 by Senator William J. Fulbright of the USA.  The idea behind such a program was to create tolerance and respect between the USA and other countries.  He felt that the only way to create peace was to learn about other countries’ customs and culture:

“It is the task of education, more than of any other instrument of public policy, to help close the dangerous gap between the economic and technological interdependence of the peoples of the world and their psychological, political, and spiritual isolation.”

-J. William Fulbright

The Fulbright Roving Scholars travel throughout Norway and inform pupils about aspects of the USA.  They give talks to lower secondary and upper secondary schools.

Jeremy was an inspiring teacher to 50 of our students who are studying English.  He taught them a lot of things they never knew before about American immigration and did so in an interesting way, by showing them a combination of small film clips and then getting them to take on the role of an American immigration officer.  The students were given a list of people and their personal details and then had to work together in groups and ultimately decide who they would allow into the country.  It was not an easy task, and they soon learnt that there are many criteria to consider when allowing people to enter the USA.  Although the students did not know who these people were, the list was actually made up of real people.  There was a lot of laughter when Jeremy informed everyone that they had just refused Barack Obama’s father access to the USA, thereby changing the course of history…!

Jeremy managed to keep the students’ interest up for two hours, by teaching them in this alternative way – not bad, and very informative!  This is the first time that Hemne Videregående Skole has made use of this program and we will definitely do so againJ.


Louise Rennemo/Einar Hofstad
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